Friday, 28 December 2018

ECCouncil 312-50v8 Question Answer

Samuel is the network administrator of DataX Communications, Inc. He is trying to configure his firewall to block password brute force attempts on his network. He
enables blocking the intruder's IP address for a period of 24 hours' time after more than three unsuccessful attempts. He is confident that this rule will secure his
network from hackers on the Internet.
But he still receives hundreds of thousands brute-force attempts generated from various IP addresses around the world. After some investigation he realizes that
the intruders are using a proxy somewhere else on the Internet which has been scripted to enable the random usage of various proxies on each request so as not
to get caught by the firewall rule.
Later he adds another rule to his firewall and enables small sleep on the password attempt so that if the password is incorrect, it would take 45 seconds to return to
the user to begin another attempt. Since an intruder may use multiple machines to brute force the password, he also throttles the number of connections that will be
prepared to accept from a particular IP address. This action will slow the intruder's attempts.
Samuel wants to completely block hackers brute force attempts on his network.
What are the alternatives to defending against possible brute-force password attacks on his site?

A. Enforce a password policy and use account lockouts after three wrong logon attempts even though this might lock out legit users
B. Enable the IDS to monitor the intrusion attempts and alert you by e-mail about the IP address of the intruder so that you can block them at theFirewall manually
C. Enforce complex password policy on your network so that passwords are more difficult to brute force
D. You cannot completely block the intruders attempt if they constantly switch proxies

Answer: D

Thursday, 30 August 2018

ECCouncil 312-50v8 Question Answer

How would you describe an attack where an attacker attempts to deliver the payload over multiple packets over long periods of time with the purpose of defeating simple pattern matching in IDS systems without session reconstruction? A characteristic of this attack would be a continuous stream of small packets.

A. Session Hijacking
B. Session Stealing
C. Session Splicing
D. Session Fragmentation

Answer: C

Jake works as a system administrator at Acme Corp. Jason, an accountant of the firm befriends him at the canteen and tags along with him on the pretext of appraising him about potential tax benefits. Jason waits for Jake to swipe his access card and follows him through the open door into the secure systems area. How would you describe Jason's behavior within a security context?

A. Smooth Talking
B. Swipe Gating
C. Tailgating
D. Trailing

Answer: C

Friday, 23 February 2018

ECCouncil 312-50v8 Question Answer

You want to capture Facebook website traffic in Wireshark. What display filter should you use that shows all TCP packets that contain the word 'facebook'?

A. display==facebook
B. traffic.content==facebook
C. tcp contains facebook
D. list.display.facebook

Answer: C

XSS attacks occur on Web pages that do not perform appropriate bounds checking on data entered by users. Characters like < > that mark the beginning/end of a tag should be converted into HTML entities.

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Answer: D

Friday, 22 December 2017

5 Tips To Become A Certified Ethical Hacker

With the increase in technological requirements, the threat to the security of the IT network increases continuously. The high level of literacy and digital proclivity towards programming is attracting more and more applicants to the CEH.

The preparations and investments of CEH are a little disappointing, but if you look through wider areas, it's worth it. Along with money and practice, you need patience, which is enough to get into the technological field that is worth it.

To clear the CEH certification, you must get at least 70% on the exam. They will give you 4 hours to complete 125 questions. The content covers topics related to the cybersecurity course. To meet eligibility requirements, you must attend an official EC Council training program or have 2 years of computer security experience, accepted by the EC Council.

Here are 5 effective training tips to get CEH certification:

 Be Aware Of The Test Formalities

Before appearing for the exam, make sure that you are well aware of the course content. The areas, which contribute to most of the questions, are:

  •     Background information and history of the exam
  •     Regulations
  •     Eligibility criteria
  •     Typical exam duration
  •     Exam format
  •     Read related FAQ’s

Prepare According to CEH Framework

First, carefully study the number of questions, the weight of the topic and the structure of the exam. Also, since you will not get enough information on the EC council website, you should do more research work. You can make use of multiple technological solutions, provided by many websites. If you are already working, check if your company provides assistance to its staff to obtain the CEH certification. There are many companies that are doing this.

Do Practice As Much As You Can

If you are determined to take the test, do not forget that "practice makes a man perfect". You can learn to remember tools and tricks, but what about the laboratories? For this, you must prepare yourself by learning the practical applications. Koenig Solutions offers world-class learning in a real environment. They also provide you with adequate study material so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the certification exam. The CEH Certification Course is highly effective, developed and designed according to the main exam.

Make Use Of Your Time Well

There is no doubt that you have to pay a considerable amount for the Certification examination of ethical ethics certification. So, do not cheat your time. Prepare your study plan, start with the basics, allocate your time well and discover the areas that require more attention.

Familiarize yourself with basic concepts such as software processes, switching and routing. You can join a good training institute like Koenig Solutions where you can solve test simulations and get good hands-on training. It will not take more than 180 days. Stay precise and choose the modules wisely, according to the weight of the brands. Finally, you should pay a little more attention to these points:

  •     Web Applications and Data Servers
  •     Linux, Macintosh, and Mobile Systems
  •     Threats and Defense Mechanisms
  •     Secure Network Infrastructures
  •     Attack Phases

Measure Your Progress With Practice Tests And Quizzes

Look for the right practice documents to practice your exam. Through this document, you will know how much you have covered and what remains. Mark the covered content in a remarkable way, to discover how the paper will be written and with what kind of questions. Some more tips to meditate:

  •     Avoid dumps as they may be irrelevant and outdated.
  •     Practice through the online test series.
  •     Try to minimize the silly errors.

You can get these practice papers from the official website. You can rely upon this, as these are designed by those, who have designed the main exam.

Try working hard and choose the best way to practice. This will be the best method of clearing the CEH Exam.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

ECCouncil 312-50v8 Question Answer

Cyber Criminals have long employed the tactic of masking their true identity. In IP spoofing, an attacker gains unauthorized access to a computer or a network by making it appear that a malicious message has come from a trusted machine, by "spoofing" the IP address of that machine. How would you detect IP spoofing?

A. Check the IPID of the spoofed packet and compare it with TLC checksum. If the numbers match then it is spoofed packet
B. Probe a SYN Scan on the claimed host and look for a response SYN/FIN packet, if the connection completes then it is a spoofed packet
C. Turn on 'Enable Spoofed IP Detection' in Wireshark, you will see a flag tick if the packet is spoofed
D. Sending a packet to the claimed host will result in a reply. If the TTL in the reply is not the same as the packet being checked then it is a spoofed packet

Answer: D

David is a security administrator working in Boston. David has been asked by the office's manager to block all POP3 traffic at the firewall because he believes employees are spending too much time reading personal email. How can David block POP3 at the firewall?

A. David can block port 125 at the firewall.
B. David can block all EHLO requests that originate from inside the office.
C. David can stop POP3 traffic by blocking all HELO requests that originate from inside the office.
D. David can block port 110 to block all POP3 traffic.

Answer: D

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

ECCouncil 312-50v8 Question Answer

A rootkit is a collection of tools (programs) that enable administrator-level access to a computer. This program hides itself deep into an operating system for malicious activity and is extremely difficult to detect. The malicious software operates in a stealth fashion by hiding its files, processes and registry keys and may be used to create a hidden directory or folder designed to keep out of view from a user's operating system and security software. 

What privilege level does a rootkit require to infect successfully on a Victim's machine?

A. User level privileges
B. Ring 3 Privileges
C. System level privileges
D. Kernel level privileges

Answer: D

Monday, 8 May 2017

ECCouncil 312-50v8 Question Answer

What file system vulnerability does the following command take advantage of?
type c:\anyfile.exe > c:\winnt\system32\calc.exe:anyfile.exe

B. Backdoor access

Answer: D

In what stage of Virus life does a stealth virus gets activated with the user performing certain actions such as running an infected program?

A. Design
B. Elimination
C. Incorporation
D. Replication
E. Launch
F. Detection

Answer: E